Brand Ambassador Program

510 Auto Group Affiliate (Brand Ambassador) Program


510 Auto Group is looking for Brand Ambassadors to promote our brand and products.


Basically, with just word of mouth YOU will GET PAID 10% commissions on every successful sale!

15% commissions for VIP status - *After completing 5 sales.

We have launched a new Live Dashboard for our Brand Ambassadors to login and track their progress, sales, and payouts. (View Dashboard)


Here's How It Works  (⚡Make Sales = Get Paid⚡)


  1. Sign up to our program here:
  2. Create your Unique Discount Code.
  3. Share your Unique Discount Code with anyone.
  4. Get paid a 10% commission on every sale made with your code. (payouts through PayPal or Cash App)


Tips On How To Succeed

If you have friends, many followers/fans, car groups, or attend car shows. You can easily spread the word and share your discount code. 

  • Word of Mouth (Promote our Brand/Stealth Plates)
  • Post videos on Instagram/Facebook etc.. with our Stealth Plate, and your discount code.
(if you don't have a Stealth Plate, you can re-post any of our videos. We will also send you a file of our videos, once you sign up)


If you have any questions, please reach out to us:



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