Become a distributor


Want to become a Stealth Plate distributor? Easy, and no strings attached! provides wholesale discounts with a minimum purchase of 10 plates. You will not be an exclusive distributor. You are allowed to sell the plates at whatever price you want. When placing an order, we require the full payment upfront. Once the payment is received we will send out your order by DHL Express of Fedex.

  • We don't ask for commission or other fees! You keep 100%
  • Minimum order of 10 plates. (email us if you're looking to order 5+)
  • We require full payment upfront.
  • Shipping fees may vary by country. (might be eligible for FREE shipping)
  • Please read our policies for more information.


Wholesale pricing per plate below:


Varies depending on quantity/country. Please inform us and we will provide you with a quotation. 



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