Custom Stealth Plates (EU/UK)

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Customized Stealth Plate Curtains

Add your own design or text to be printed on the Stealth Plate Curtain cover.


After placing your order online. Please contact us with your artwork design or sample through either channels below:

- Email:
- Instagram Message: @510autogroup
- Include your order #
- Attach your design or request for a sample


    Design Requirements:

    - Colors accepted: White (other colors won't be clear on our black curtains).

    - Visuals/text must have Hi-Resolution.

    - Limit texts up to 10 words.

    - Text or Image should have ONE color only.


      - We will share a draft sample for your approval

      - We will ship your order, once the graphics on the curtains are dry & ready (Please allow 5-7 business days for the printing & drying process)


        Fits the standard rectangle license plates: (20.5" x 4.3") 

        Single Plate Kit:

        • 1x Stealth Plate frame (fits front or back)
        • 1x Computer Unit
        • 1x Remote Control
        • 1x Cable connector
        • 1x Power Cable (cigarette lighter)
        • 1x Light indicator (small light to have in your interior indicating if cover is up/down)
          • Light on=Plate is covered. Light off=Plate not covered

        Double Plate Kit:

        • 2x Stealth Plate frames (Front and Rear)
        • 1x Computer Unit
        • 1x Remote Control
        • 2x Cable connector
        • 1x Power Cable (cigarette lighter)
        • 1x Light indicator (small light to have in your interior indicating if cover is up/down)

          Item Specs:

          • Material: Plastic
          • Anti-rust
          • Input voltage: DC 12V
          • Power Rate: 2W
          • Control Distance: 50M
          • Frame size: 538mm x 141mm (21.2" x 5.5")
          • Frame depth: 1" (25mm)
          • Fits EU/GCC plates: 520mm x 110mm (20.5" x 4.3")
          • Max Plate size to fit: 530mm x 125mm (20.9" x 4.9")
          • Fits:
            • Most EU & GCC, UK, UAE, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Hungary, India, Iran, Israel, Ireland, Kuwait, Oman, Russia and more..
            • Fits most makes & models: Some makes and models may require slight modification. (Please check dimensions)


            *Not to be used while driving on public roads. If you break any laws, our company will not be held responsible. Please read our policies carefully.



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