Affiliate Program

510 Auto Group Affiliate (Brand Ambassador) Program


We're looking for Brand Ambassadors to promote our brand & products.
Basically, with just word of mouth YOU will GET PAID 7.5% commissions on every sale!

We have launched a new Live Dashboard for our Brand Ambassadors to login and track their progress, sales, and commission payouts.
(View Dashboard)


Here's How It Works  (⚡Make Sales = Get Paid⚡)


  1. Sign up & access your Dashboard here:
  2. Create a Unique Discount Code.
  3. Share your Unique Discount Code with your network.
  4. Get paid a 7.5% commission on every sale made with your code. (payouts through PayPal or Cash App) 


Tips On How To Succeed

If you have friends, many followers/fans, car groups, or attend car shows. You can easily spread the word and share your discount code. 

  • Word of Mouth (Promote our Brand/Stealth Plates)
  • Post videos on Instagram/Facebook etc.. with our Stealth Plate, and your discount code.
(if you don't have a Stealth Plate, you can re-post any of our videos. (You can also email us & request specific videos)


If you have any questions, please reach out to us:



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